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Success Stories



There are many things that I have learned during my career as an Amazon VA at EcomXpert. Basically, for all the people who need to know, Amazon Private Label involves locating a product on Amazon that has sales growth; acquiring that item; and labeling it as though it were your own. Essentially, you will learn how to do it here at the EcomXpert where I have been mentored. I believe in being committed to your work and enhancing skills through constant learning. I earn more than $4000 and am giving account creation services.



Earning more than $1000, I believe that private label has many perks but for those people who are willing to invest all their time and energy in it. Despite the controversies surrounding this outdated technique, Amazon Private Label can still be viable in 2022. To identify a product that will appeal to the audience, you must simply step up your numbers and here the question arises HOW?? Here EcomXpert helps you to set up your online market. There are several factors to consider when deciding to test out Amazon Private Label.



My main milestone in life was being able to become financially independent to the point that I was able to afford the lifestyle I wanted with the help of EcomXpert. Amazon let me do just that. With earning $1500 per month, I am now able to make all my dreams come true. However, if have one pro tip for you guys if you wish to go for private label. If you find a supplier you love but do not explicitly state that they offer private labels, inquire nonetheless!


Alhamdullilah for being able to earn $700 per month. I always believe in mastery over a person’s values and hence want to reach out to all people who are aiming to build their career as a private label, virtual assistant. There are two types of private labels that might be sold on Amazon: those that you enjoy and those that are profitable. If you are fortunate, you can be the perfect mix by mastering the skills at EcomXpert.


Being an all-rounder all my life, I have learned the art of self-determination and motivation through consistency. People do not normally understand that a virtual assistant, has a lot of perks and benefits. I get to choose my hours myself and enjoy my work. In contrast to a 9-5 job, Alhamdullilah I am earning above $250 and aim to build my career higher for self-sustainability. I am highly thankful to my mentors and EcomXpert as it has given me a lot of room to grow.