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Lazada Service Marketplace is a partnership network that helps sellers to increase sales and consumer loyalty…………

From the research on e-commerce activities published by We Are Social and Hootsuite, updated on Jan. 2020, we’ve found out that, in Thailand, 90% of people search online before buying a product or service. Later on, 82% of Thai people purchased a product online.Today e-commerce is part of the daily activities of million of buyers.

Lazada Thailand, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group and Southeast Asia marketplace leader, is where millions of people can find and buy products from hundreds thousands of sellers, as small merchants and global brands.

Lazada has started to create tools, technology and partnerships to help sellers to optimize, of course, their sales, but also to increase brand awareness and consumer loyalty. The company provides training to 30,000 local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to support and raise their online capabilities.

In addition, it has expanded and built a network of professional partners launching the program Lazada Marketplace Service.


The platform helps product owners and merchants to find digital services, provided by selected Lazada partners, like customized store design, product details template design, customer service, logistics support, fulfillment centers, digital marketing, photography and video, ERP, livestream, and more.

More than this, Lazada Service Marketplace can be useful for sellers to find the right certified partner for specific needs.

Aiming to enhance our e-commerce services, as e-commerce enabler agency, we at MOST 2414 have recently launched the project , that have joined Lazada Service Marketplace, as partner, to offer our digital marketing expertise to generate traffic acquisition. You can visit our Lazada store, Silken Asia by MOST 2414, where to find our offers for Google Ads, LINE Ads, Facebook or Instagram management.

No only big brands can take benefits from our services. Actually we think to fit well with the day-to-day operations needs that SMEs customers have.

So, it’s a new way of buying marketing services through agencies, for those entrepreneurs who are running e-commerce business in Lazada Thailand. And if you want to get our discounts, or just have a chat, contact us


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