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Become the king of your own Amazon FBA Wholesale business

Inside this course is practical, step-by-step advice for creating and running a successful Amazon FBA Wholesale business. You’ll learn how to find, source, ship, and sell high-quality products to buyers who absolutely need them.

Course Details

Best Features of the Training

Introduction to Amazon

Basics of Amazon

Introduction to Tools

Product Hunting & Validation

Product Sourcing

Shipments & Fulfillment

Stock Management

Product & Brand Approvals

About The Course

Become a pro. Gain skills. Grow your business with our Amazon FBA Wholesale Course, which includes a step-by-step roadmap to search and source products, ship the items you buy from overseas, and make sales on Amazon FBA.

Learn how you can use the Amazon FBA wholesale model to source and sell products to Amazon buyers. Discover what it takes to find and shop wholesale products, import them into the US, list them on Amazon and build a successful business.


Ammad Malik

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Learning Outcomes

After this course you will learn:

  • How to Manage seller Central?
  • How to find a Viable Product
  • How to Communicate with your Supplier & Freight Forwarder
  • How to Deal with 3rd Party Service Provider Optimization of Listing Content
  • How to Upload Listing
  • How to deal with amazon Errors How to make Shipment Plans Product Ranking Strategies
  • How to Run and Manage Advertising Campaigns How to Hunt Clients/Investors
  • How to deal with your Clients
  • How to get work on Fiverr & Upwork.


This course is the go-to for learning how to Amazon FBA Wholesale. I found it very easy to follow and useable for any level of experience. I was interested in the Amazon FBA Wholesale model, but had never done it before. So, I wanted to find out if this course would be worth the investment. And it was! I learned a lot more information than I expected. I will recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Amazon Wholesale.
When we first set out to review Amazon FBA Wholesale Training, we weren’t really sure what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised to find out it is a great course that teaches you how you can use the Amazon FBA wholesale model and make sales on Amazon. The classes are full of insights and strategies you actually need to know in order to successfully start your own business, whether or not you plan to focus on Amazon FBA.
Whether you're a newbie or a pro, you'll find this course valuable for its in-depth Amazon FBA wholesale steps. The course goes over everything from understanding the best deals to finding the appropriate product category and market, using the Alibaba website to source products, getting your products shipped to the US, and finally, listing them on Amazon with an eye for SEO and conversion rates.

Building a sustainable inventory

The most exciting thing about the Amazon FBA Wholesale Course is that it’s not just theoretical. We show you how to build a sustainable inventory from scratch, how to find and merchandize product, and how to manage your Amazon Seller Central account.

Design Winning Strategy on PPC Ad Spend

Discover how to run and manage Amazon PPC campaigns to save on advertising spend. Get the Amazon ad management strategy that’s right for you, from finding the best keywords to A/B testing ads with dynamic keyword insertion.


Find the best products to sell

Finding and merchandising Wholesale products is one of the most profitable business models on Amazon. With our list ranking techniques you can find the best products to sell and work them up in search rank. Get your wholesale product inventory at top of Amazon search rank so people can find it easily.

It’s time to partner with a company that knows how to manage wholesale for you, so you can focus on your business.