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About Us


ECommerce consultancy, and Training Agency

ECOMXPERT, a Pakistan-based specialist eCommerce consultancy and Training Agency. We are a team of dedicated experts and professional mentors that helps in directing people toward successful business growth. We aim to provide you with innovative solutions to give a great start-up to your business and optimize it in eCommerce markets.

Trainees Trained

Over 50,00 students are trained under our flagship program by mentors.

Successful Launches

250+ successful launches are done by our students.
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Chairman's Message


From the very first day, Hamd Technologies has provided best-of-class software with effective and reliable Information Technology consulting solutions. I warmly welcome you to our website. Thank you for your interest in our company. We serve consultation at Hamd Technologies with strong influencing skills and can motivate people to boost business productivity and effectiveness. We provide in-depth knowledge of IT Software about current and future trends include Business Accounting, HR processes, E-commerce, and many more.

Besides, we are working closely with renowned companies and improve their financial indicators effectively. We have expertise across business management, strategy business management, and product development. Level up your organization with essential business management tools. Hamd Technologies enables you to restructure your business and enhance the vendor’s competitive edge. We offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness with a stable long-term partnership to move your business towards topmost businesses.

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Results-driven management has become a mainstay of American business since Peter Drucker popularized the concept in his 1954 book, The Practice of Management. Often referred to as “management by objectives” (MBOs), the process revolves around an annual performance review of each employee. Prior to the review, the employee will work with his or her manager to identify a small number (usually three to five) objectives or targets for the coming year. During the review, the manager and employee discuss the results of the previous 12 months’ MBOs, and how the knowledge gained from that discussion can be applied to the coming year. Remedies for shortfalls, and incentives for meeting or exceeding targets, make the employee accountable for his or her results.

Company Core Values

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Innovative Workforce

EcomXpert believes in the power of human capital. Our people are passionate, talented and skillful problem-solvers.

Unconventional Approach

Our solutions are results-oriented, and the way we achieve amazing results is venturing into the unknown and breaking  convention.

Result Driven Culture

We‘re Results Driven. We help you increase sales, conversions, and lifetime value of your online store or ecommerce business.

Value Addition Mentorship

We have unnatural commitment to add value to amazon seller community through our mentorship program.

How We Work?

Our consultancy starts with understanding your business. If you are looking for full-service management solutions, eCommerce coaching, and training courses to boost entrepreneurship skills and consultancy services in the complex world of eCommerce operations, then our consultative approach has successfully proven records to help our clients reach their potential. Apart from training and consultancy we also help people to launch their AmazoneBay, and Shopify businesses in their desired marketplace.

Our Expertise & Trainers Helps You Reach Your Goals

Your commitment and our skills when combined together yields following results.

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Successful Launches

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388, next to McDonalds, beside Shell Petrol Station, Block J3 Block J 3 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000